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Haptenized Tumor Antigen Vaccine for Ovarian Cancer Seeks EU Approval

January 26, 2021 • 4:28 pm CST
(Vax Before Cancer)

Vancouver based BioVaxys Technology Corp. announced on January 25, 2021, that it has commenced the clinical development program for BVX-0918A, its haptenized tumor antigen vaccine for ovarian cancer.

BioVaxys has developed its vaccine technology platforms based on the established immunological concept that modifying tumor or viral antigens with simple chemicals called haptens makes them more visible to the immune system. The process of haptenization "teaches" a patient's immune system to recognize and make target proteins more 'visible' as foreign, thereby stimulating an immune response.

BioVaxys Founder, President & Chief Operating Officer Ken Kovan said in a press release: "The autologous approach may have advantages over other approaches, such as those involving a search for specific antigens. Because autologous tumor cells by definition have the patient's unique set of antigens already on them, the challenge is to increase the immune system's ability to recognize the ovarian tumor cells as foreign, breaking the "self-tolerance".

"A way to achieve this is by the use of a hapten, which is the foundation for the BioVaxys' haptenized protein vaccine platform."

The Company plans to seek a compassionate use approval in the European Union for Stage III & Stage IV ovarian cancer. And the Company plans to submit its Clinical Trial Application for BVX-0918A with the European Medicines Agency later in 2021.

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