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St. Jude Launches HPV Vaccination Program

March 5, 2021 • 6:40 am CST
(Vax Before Cancer)

On International human papillomavirus (HPV) Awareness Day, Tennessee-based St. Jude Children's Research Hospital announced the HPV Cancer Prevention Program's launch. With an investment of $12 million, St. Jude is launching outreach programs to reduce HPV-related cancer deaths by increasing vaccination rates locally, nationally, and eventually, globally.

Heather Brandt, Ph.D., leads the St. Jude HPV Cancer Prevention Program.

"Since 2006, we have had a safe, effective, and durable vaccine to prevent six types of HPV-related cancers in men and women," Brandt stated in a press release.

"However, rates of this cancer-prevention vaccination remain low, especially in areas of the Southeastern and Mid-Southern United States where HPV-related cancer rates are high. We also know there are vast differences in uptake among some populations, so there is an urgent need to address these inequities."

"Far too few have taken advantage of this cancer prevention tool, and I look forward to joining forces with other partners to improve vaccination rates."

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