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Brain Cancer Vaccine Candidate Passes Phase 1 Study

March 28, 2021 • 10:01 am CDT
(Vax Before Cancer)

A new study published in the journal Nature on March 25, 2021, reveals promising results of phase 1 clinical trial testing of a novel brain cancer vaccine that's designed to assist a patient's immune system respond to certain brain tumors.

Diffuse gliomas are a type of brain cancer that is difficult to treat and can spread well across the brain, making it extremely difficult to eliminate through conventional surgery.

The published data suggest that the IDH1 peptide vaccine stimulated a critical immune response that slows tumor progression.

The NOA-16 study included 36 patients and met its primary endpoints by demonstrating the safety and immunogenicity of IDH1-vaccine in patients with newly diagnosed WHO grade 3 and 4 IDH1(R132H)+ astrocytomas without further positive prognostic factors.

Immunogenicity, irrespective of HLA type, and the high rate of PsPD warrant further clinical investigation of IDH1-vac. Patients who did not mount an IDH1-vac induced immune response showed reduced efficacy of the vaccine and disease progression within two years.

Targeting a shared clonal driver mutation in newly diagnosed patients overcomes these limitations6. It may provide a basis for future trials that target MHCII-restricted clonal shared and personalized neoepitopes in cancer immunotherapy.

Currently, a larger Phase 2 clinical trial is being planned, said these researchers.

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