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Cancer Screening Rates Must Supersede the COVID-19 Pandemic

January 29, 2022 • 10:22 am CST
(Vax Before Cancer)

In a media release issued on January 18, 2022, Epic Research confirmed that as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, clinicians are concerned cancer screening rates have not returned to pre-pandemic baselines.

'We found that rates of breast and colon cancer screenings remain slightly below historical baselines, down 2.7% and 3.4% respectively.'

And 'cervical cancer screening rates are still 10% below historical baselines.'

'These rates equate to an estimated 68,000 missed breast cancer screenings, 27,000 missed colon cancer screenings, and 9,000 missed cervical cancer screenings from January 2021 through October 2021.'

'Further delays in cancer screening could lead to delayed cancer diagnoses, which could increase morbidity and mortality and exacerbate existing health care disparities, as well as increase health care costs.'

'Ongoing efforts to increase patient access to affordable cancer screenings are important to our nation's COVID recovery.'

These data come from Cosmos, a HIPAA-defined Limited Data Set of more than 126 million patients from 156 Epic organizations, including 889 hospitals and 19,420 clinics, serving patients in all 50 states.

Epic Research is a public benefit corporation owned by Epic Systems Corporation.