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Certain Cervical Cells Predict Ovarian Cancer Presence

February 5, 2022 • 2:08 pm CST
(Vax Before Cancer)

The peer-reviewed journal Nature Communications published a new article on February 1, 2022, demonstrating that a DNA methylation signature in easy-to-access Müllerian Duct-derived cervical cells from women with and without ovarian cancer could identify women with ovarian cancer in the absence of tumor DNA.

The WID-OC test identifies 71.4% and 54.5% of <50 and ≥ 50-year-old ovarian cancer patients with a specificity of 75%.

This and the observation that the cervical cell WID-OC-index mimics the epigenetic program of those cells at risk of becoming cancerous in BRCA1/2 germline mutation carriers (i.e., mammary epithelium, fallopian tube fimbriae, prostate) further suggest that the epigenetic misprogramming of cervical cells is an indicator for cancer predisposition.

'This concept has the potential to advance the field of risk-stratified cancer screening and prevention,' stated these researchers.

This finding is essential since epithelial ovarian cancer is by far the most common cause of gynecological cancer-associated death, says the U.S. CDC. 

Currently, 75% of ovarian cancers are picked up at an advanced stage where the tumor has spread within the entire abdominal cavity and beyond.