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Breast Cancer Over-Diagnosis Continues in the U.S.

March 8, 2022 • 7:15 am CST
Image by Claudio Scott
(Vax Before Cancer)

The Annals of Internal Medicine published Original Research on March 1, 2022, 'Estimation of Breast Cancer Overdiagnosis in a U.S. Breast Screening Cohort,' funded by the National Cancer Institute.

Mammography screening can lead to overdiagnosis—that is, screen-detected breast cancer that would not have caused symptoms or signs in the remaining lifetime. 

Based on an authoritative U.S. population data set, the analysis projected that among biennially screened women aged 50 to 74 years, about 1 in 7 (14%) cases of screen-detected cancer is overdiagnosed.

The study cohort included 35,986 women, 82,677 mammograms, and 718 breast cancer diagnoses. 

'This information clarifies the risk for breast cancer overdiagnosis in contemporary screening practice and should facilitate shared and informed decision making about mammography screening,' concluded these researchers.