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Yale cancer center study of immune checkpoint inhibition in patients with myeloid malignancies
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Tecentriq is a monoclonal antibody designed to bind with a protein which may enable the activation of T cells
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Sexually active adults remain at risk for acquiring HPV throughout their lives
mitosis cells
Cancer eradication during mitosis attributed to PJ34 preventing NuMA clustering in the mitotic spindle poles of human malignant cells
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Gynecologic cancers include HPV related cancers cervical, vulvar, and vaginal
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MaxiVAX MVX-ONCO-1 triggers a natural immune response mechanism via innovative technology to eliminate cancer cells
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Somatic cell derived Tumor cell vaccination regime can prevent initiation and progression of pancreatic cancer in mice
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Immuno oncology therapies for multiple types of cancer has transformed cancer treatments
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Preoperative thyroid cancer test is faster and more accurate than current diagnostics
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Elios Therapeutics TLPLDC vaccine is a unique type of immunotherapy personalized from a patients tumor and blood